The future belongs to the sun! 

Photovoltaics are the direct conversion of light energy, usually from sunlight, into electrical energy by means of solar cells.

Decisive for the dimensioning and the amortization of a photovoltaic system is, in addition to the peak output, above all the yield, ie the amount of electricity gained.

The radiation energy fluctuates daily, seasonal and weather conditions.

Location, module orientation and shading have a significant impact on yield, with roofs that are most effective at 30 degrees of inclination. We are here to advise you on individual solutions.

With the mounting systems a distinction is made between an on-roof system and in-roof system.

In a rooftop system for sloped rooftops, the photovoltaic system is mounted on the roof by means of a mounting frame.

An in-roof system, on the other hand, is a photovoltaic system that is integrated into the roof cladding and takes over its functions such as roof sealing and weather protection.

The roof-mounted installation is suitable for tiled roofs and tin roofs, slate roofs or corrugated sheets.