Technologies for efficient, green households

We implement your ideas: Heating systems with heat pumps, biomass, solar, oil or gas, standard electrical installation or server-based house control

Ideally, all heating components are perfectly matched. In the “actual” situation, of course, things look a bit different, especially with existing, older systems, but an optimization can certainly lead to an excellent result.

Even with a brand new installation, we can offer you a wide range of different heat generators and hot water solutions for an individual configuration of each heating system.

Not only your well-being and comfort, but also the sustainability of the environment and the operating costs can be significantly influenced by the right choice of the heating system.

In addition, of course, a fully automated home control system, eg. light/temperature/security controls, the efficiency can increase even further and, at meanwhile moderate prices.

Trust our expertise in all these areas – we look forward to your inquiry!